Phase 1

  • We are all about the community, so this stage is dedicated to the development of the community of postman holders, this is a preliminary stage filled with constant communication with community members and marketing of the project.
  • Сollaboration with leading NFT marketplaces and collections.

Phase 2

  • In this phase we will be announcing our awesome website where more details about the Postman DAO project will be revealed.
  • Conducting final negotiations with launchpads.
  • Launch of project on the leading launchpad in Aptos blockchain.

Phase 3

  • All holders can put their postman and earn $Mark tokens, you will be able to use the tokens in the utility described in next phase.
  • NFT Staking is not something that will shock anyone nowadays. But we can assure you that the earnings from our staking will be much higher than many others available right now in the space.